Story continues … You were rescued in the first part of the game; however it is clear now that your transport had crashed because one of the passengers was infected by zombie virus. Looks like you will still have to fight for your survival.

Your mission is to get to the Union City, it might sound easy at first, but don’t get hasty. You have a limited time to complete this object otherwise game is over. Spend your time wisely if you want to succeed.

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Between you and Union City lie several towns, full of dangerous houses, evil undead and other obstacles which add to game special thrill. Each town has its own unique map; you will have to search there for survivors, supplies, weapons, etc. It won’t be easy to find all of this stuff, you will have to randomly search in stores, houses and other buildings and as you know you have a limited time (40 days!) so be careful.

The Last Stand 2Collect goods
If you think that food and other supplies aren’t so important you are wrong. You can’t move until you have enough of supplies, so collect it as much as you can find you will need it later. Early stage of the game is pretty easy, lots of supplies, simple levels, etc. But it gets harder later, I highly recommend you to collect food, weapons and other goods in early stage of the game it will get tough later so don’t miss your chance.

New features
Second part of the game is much more complicated than previous; you have more options and possibilities. When you find survivors you can give them some of your powerful weapons and make them stronger. Zombies can carry weapons as well, so be careful if armed undead reach your barricades you will have serious problems.

weaponsNew weapons are also provided in this version, you may even find traps and place it in the strategic area. It’s always good to see different weapons, each of them can be used in different situations and help you to enjoy the game.

You can find all important keys below, its pretty easy to navigate in the game and also comfortable.
W, A, S, D – for movement (you can use arrow keys as well it’s up to you to decide)
R – reload you weapon
Space bar – change your weapon
Mouse – aim and shoot zombies

The Last Stand 2 is outstanding game in his category; it can give you new experiences, completely different atmosphere and you will never ever get bored with this game.

As always thank you for reading my post, if you want to add more details to it please leave your comment below.

P.S. Take a look at this video, it will give you some basic understanding what kind of game it is and how should you play it, good luck.

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