Amazing game, after two months of production and hard work we can enjoy this outstanding zombie game where you play as a zombie character and you must survive at all cost.

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Your character wasn’t always zombie, he was normal guy, but one day weird accident occurred on the ship and Sonny turned into a zombie instead of dying. Now he has to fight in order to survive. This game belongs to the RPG category with a turn based system and it is one of the highest rated games ever.

classesSpells and classes
There are several classes in the game: destroyer, guardian, assassin and gunslinger. Try to play different classes and find which one suit you best. In the game you can collect money and different items; this will allow you to become stronger. While completing levels you will gain experience points which will lead you to the higher levels, new skills and other interesting features.

There are tons of spells you can learn, you can choose close combat character, caster which can use different spells (long range attacks) and you can become healer; which one is better depends on your taste. This game has almost everything like most RPG online games; it is very complicated game with different talent trees and other interesting features.

talant treeEnemies
In the game you will face different magical creatures or simply other zombies, you must fight them and survive you will also have to fight against bosses. At the early stage of the game it is offensively easy to win battles and in difficult part of the game you will get ally unit (it can be healer or it can deal damage to your enemies). Your ally can fight in different modes like: aggressive mode, defensive or even tactical, it’s up to you to decide which one in better for you.

This game has pretty interesting story, music gives attractive atmosphere and game play is awesome as well. You can get different gear for different classes which is great feature and adds special thrill to the game.

SonnyIf you want to attack your enemy simply click on the enemy unit and after that choose your attack ability, controls of the game are pretty simple you will need only your mouse and nothing else.

Sonny is impressive flash RPG game; it is very entertaining, interesting and popular. If you haven’t played this game yet don’t miss your chance to do so.

Check this video, pretty good review hope you will like it.

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