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I would like to call this game number one tower defense zombie game, when PopCap Games first realized Plants VS Zombies it broke all records. This was something new and different to the gaming community. You see in the game you can find many different structures (or in this case we can say plants) each of them have different functions and attack abilities. I want to list main plants (structures) below and show you what they can do:

Sunflowersunflower – this plant provides you with sun power, without this unit you won’t be able to build any other towers as all of them require solar energy. Sunflowers can’t defend themselves this is why you must plant it behind peashootersPeashooter, Melon-pultmelon pult, Wall-nutWall-nut, etc. Usually when I start to play I build two sunflowers as soon as possible and only after that I plant damager plants. This tower can be upgraded to Twin Sunflowertwin-sunflower.

PeashootersPeashooter – this plants can provide pretty good direct damage, it can also shoot in long distances. This tower doesn’t have any upgrades, but low cost and good attack power makes it irreplaceable. At the early stage of the game this plants can bring down all of your enemies.

Wall-nutWall-nut – this plant can hold zombies for a long time, while wall-nuts hold your enemies, peashooters and other towers with attack abilities can shoot them and destroy. This is pretty important unit in the game; you will find it very useful when you will deal with quickly moving zombies (Pole Vaulting Zombiepole-vaulting-zombie, Football Zombiefootball-zombie, Dolphin Rider ZombieDolphin_Rider_Zombie).

Melon-pultmelon pult – you can’t call this plant cheap, however they deal huge damage. This tower can destroy Screen Door Zombiesscreen-door-zombie very quickly as it will deal damage directly to zombies head, Melon-pult doesn’t have to destroy screen first and after that zombie. Another great feature of this plant is that it can be upgraded to Winter MelonWinter-Melon. Winter Melon can not only provide you with huge attack power it can also freeze zombies in surrounding area and slow their movement speed + attack speed. If you have full line of these upgraded plants they can freeze entire army of evil zombies.

Plants VS ZombiesIn most cases I use these plants; I have my own strategy it works fine for me. However in this game you can find up to forty different towers! Can you imagine that? I mean forty towers, with different upgrades and abilities. This is why Plants vs Zombies became so popular and successful; people like to see different options and possibilities in the game.

Enemies – zombies

Now we know that in PvZ you can find forty different towers, with upgrades and other features, but what about enemy units? Well that’s another great part about this awesome tower defense zombie game. While playing PvZ you will meet different zombies, some of them just walk directly to you house, others can flyballoon-zombie, runfootball-zombie, jumppole-vaulting-zombie and even dig through the ground and appear behind your defense line. You will also find zombies which have pretty good self defense abilities, they can wear bucketbuckethead-zombie on the head or traffic conesconehead-zombie, some zombies can hold shieldsscreen-door-zombie as well. In order to survive you will have to come up with different strategies, key to succeed in the game lays in the correct tower placement. Well there is still so much to tell about enemy units in this game, but we can both agree that it will be far more interesting if you will discover them yourself.

Different stages and modes of the game

day timeFirst stage (day time mode) is pretty easy, all you have to do is to protect your lawn and in this case you will have to deal only with ground enemy units. Sure some of them can have armor, bucket, or running/jumping abilities etc. but you can easily defend yourself using mixture of slowing and damaging units also add to it wall-nutsWall-nut and you will win for sure.

night timeHowever when it comes to night mode, it will be harder for you to get solar energy, this is why you must collect sun power using cheap plants like Sun-shroomsun-shroom, this unit gives small amount of solar energy at the beginning, but later it will upgrade automatically and start to provide same amount of sun power as a sunflowersunflower. You will have to use cost free damaging units as well, I’m talking about Puff-shroompuff-shroom. This is perfect solution for night time mode; it will help you to collect sun power for better towers which will be very important later in the game, when powerful zombies appear.

Pool mode

Pool mode, you may find this mode in day time and night time modes as well. We know in order to defend lawn from zombies you will have to place plants in the right place, but when it comes to pool you can’t build towers on the water. In this case you must place Lily Padslily-pad first and after that build different plants on it. I tested many different towers in the pool, in order to succeed in the game and I came across this amazing plant Cattailcattail. Cattail is universal tower, it can shoot to different direction, this tower has pretty good damage and attack rate, it can also shoot balloons and destroy Balloon Zombiesballoon-zombie in no time.
fogFog, this mode can be found in night time only. Fog appears on your lawn and it blokes your sight, this makes game pretty hard. I mean imagine zombies running out of the fog and you can’t even see where you should place your defense. Perfect solution for this is PlanternPlantern, it uncovers fog on huge area, very important plant for this mode.

roofLast stage is on the roof, in this mode you will have to buy Flower Potsflower-pot, they will allow you to place more plants if needed, this stage comes up with new zombies which can attack you from the sky, they can jump on your plants from above and steal them. When I first started to play on the roof I wasn’t able to win even single stage as my plants were getting stolen over and over again. However later I discovered this amazing plant, Umbrella Leafimages. This tower can protect you from air strikes; it can also defend your plants against Catapult Zombiecatapult-zombie.

As you can see each stage has different modes, which require from you different strategies and ideas. Once again this game is pretty complicated, it has different towers, most towers can be upgraded, it has different enemies with unique attack abilities and they can come up in many varieties of self defense (shield, armor, bucket, Etc.).


AchievementsIn this game you can find many different achievements, for example crush many zombies using single Squashsquash, burn whole line of zombies using single Jalapenojalapeno or finish roof mode without using even one catapulting plants. There are many different funny achievements, completing those tasks can be very interesting and funny as well.

Collect coins and visit store

crazy Dave's shopLater in the game you will get key, this key will allow you to visit store where you can buy brand new plants or upgrades. This is very important feature, this way you will be able to get towers with massive damage or other important things (like upgrades, slots for plants and many more). You can collect coins from zombies, this process is completely random. Sometimes when you kill zombies they drop silver coinsCoin_silver_dollar or golden onesCoin_gold_dollar. Collect these coins as much as you can and after that visit store to buy new plants. Oh almost forgot, you may place Giant Marigold, this plants drops golden or silver coins. One bad thing about Giant Marigoldmarigold is that it takes long time to recharge and drop another coin.


I think that’s all what I wanted to tell you about Plants vs Zombies, this is one of my favorite zombie games, I play it very often on my android and I really enjoy it. Sure you may find many different strategies online and I can tell you about it right here, but trust me it is far more interesting if you will come up with your own unique strategy and stick to it. For example if you place Spikeweedspikeweed in front of Tall-nutTall-nut2 or wall-nutWall-nut it will attack all zombies which will be blocked by those two towers. Spikeweed can be used to destroy ZomboniZomboni as well. Once again think outside of the box while playing PvZ and I guarantee you that this game will bring you a lot of fun and entertainment.

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