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Zombie Horde 3

Another decent game from Crazy Monkey (Love this company), in this game you have to escape city full of zombies. In order to find exit follow arrow. Your number one…


Zombie Baseball

Have you ever heard about government conspiracy? When I first came across with this game and read its description nothing else came in mind, but conspiracy theory. In this game…


The Last Stand 2

Story continues … You were rescued in the first part of the game; however it is clear now that your transport had crashed because one of the passengers was infected…



Amazing game, after two months of production and hard work we can enjoy this outstanding zombie game where you play as a zombie character and you must survive at all…


SAS Zombie Assault 3

Great now you have a chance to test your reaction in this awesome zombie action game, pure adrenaline and nothing more or less. This is classic zombie shooting game, where…


Road of the Dead

I love story of this game, outbreak of zombies, quarantined city full of undead and of course military force which is trying to stop everyone who will try to escape,…


Endless Zombie Rampage

Pretty good zombie game from shooting category, as always you are dealing with army of undead, your number one mission is to survive. You also have small base in the…


Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Welcome to the arena, arena of boxheads where there can be only one champion. You must move in the game all the time, while you are moving around the map…

What we offer

There are hundreds of games from this popular category, some games are pretty interesting and addicting while others boring as hell. This is why I created this website; I want to present you only most popular and high rated zombie games, with interesting interface, game play and enjoyable graphics. You can fight hordes of evil undead and save earth from destruction and misery. We will also give you detailed description and controls of the game. We have huge community of friendly, dedicated gamers who can share their experience and knowledge 24/7.

Can I choose category?

Of course you can, you see zombie games can be divided into different categories, like tower defense, shooting, fighting, puzzle, action, etc. Like I said before we have huge list of games, all of them are high rated and popular worldwide, we want to make sure that you will find our website useful, full of adventures and secrets.

What else can I find here?

Accept tons of amazing zombie games and friendly community? I’m glad you asked that, we will share funny pictures, interesting videos, strategies and other interesting info on our social channels. You can find our fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We would love to hear your opinion, corrections and suggestions.
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