This is my favorite survival MMO game, this game is browser based and it has 3D support. In this game you will find tons of different features, like missions, classes, weapons, solo play, team play, battle between zombies or other real players, opportunity to explore large cities and many more, to be honest when I first came across with this game I didn’t expect it to be so complicated after all it is browser based flash game. This game has so many different options it will take you a while to find out all parts of it, but when you will figure it out this game will bring you a lot of joy and entertainment.

Dead Frontier

In order to play this game online click on the image, you will be redirected to the official web site where you must create your account. After creating your account you will be able to choose your character.

This game supports twenty different classes, these classes are: Farmer, Scientist, Doctor, Chef, Engineer, Boxer, Soldier, Police Officer, Fireman, Athlete, Teacher, Priest, Lawyer, Accountant, Journalist, Actor, Stock Broker, Architect, Entertainer, Student, Cyborg and Santa. All professions have different unique abilities, personally when I first started to play dead frontier I picked boxer.

create your characterLike in other most zombie games main quest in this game is to survive. It might sound simple and primitive at first, but after playing this game for a while you will understand how complicated and interesting this game really is. There are many different stats in the game like critical strike chance, melee block chance, etc.

While playing you will be able to earn gold and later use it to buy different ammunition, this will increase your chance to survive. Leveling system of the game is pretty slow, it takes a lot of time to level up. In the game you will find different types of weapons: Melee Weapons, Chainsaws, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Explosives and Special Gear. Each weapon has different attack speed, range and type of the damage.

missions in the gameAs for self-defense you can equip armor, this will increase your survivability. You must pay attention to your stats as well and under the stats I mean your health condition, hunger, etc. It is very important to keep on your character positive stats, this way you will earn exp faster (levels). You can also complete different missions, some missions might be extremely hard, in this case you must create party with other players and finish it together. You can explore list of the missions in any outpost. In case of zombie attack on outpost it is up to you to defend it (don’t worry you won’t be alone guards will help you).

Learn how to use Private Trade

Game also allows you to trade with other players, this is very important and helpful feature so whenever you will have a chance don’t miss this opportunity and get important supplies. In order to trade with other players you must visit trade zone which can be found on your map (you can easily find different locations with a help of GPS tool which works only outside of the buildings).

Dead Frontier Gameplay – this video is pretty good review it can help you to understand game better.

That’s all what I wanted to tell you about dead frontier, most of the details you will find out yourself while playing. If you have any questions you can use my comments section.

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