Hey there, after waiting for a while I have decided to present you another decent zombie game – Boxhead. I’m not really expert in this series of games associated with funny characters whose heads are like a box, but I think this game below is the very first step in the popular boxhead sequels.
As soon as you start to play you will find yourself in the city full of zombies, looks like some sort of zombie virus outbreak which turned civilians in the horrible monsters. While playing I’ve noticed that ordinary zombies die only after four shots from pistol. However, in the higher levels you will face stronger enemy units which require more firepower so keep that in mind.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://lfzombiegames.com/games/boxhead.swf” height=”450″ width=”640″ /]

In this city, you can navigate with a help of green radar, which is located in the left corner of your game window (bottom), this radar also shows you friendly units (civilians) and zombies (enemy). Different colors indicate whether or not if they are your enemies or friends. For example, green color means that there are civilians while white color means that there are zombies.
radar, mission and other stats
Now your goal in this game is to save civilians, in the first level you will have to save five of them. You can find these details on the bottom corner of the game (I have added screenshot to make it easier for you to understand). Also, try not to die and survive at all costs, shoot zombies before they will reach you and defend innocent civilians.
When you will collect civilians around you, you must take them to the exit point, in this game this exit point is marked as a red text. You can easily reach this red X point if you will follow radar (red flashing wave, it always comes from your exit points simply follow wave on the radar)
zombies and civiliansOkay I think it is getting clear at the moment, you know what your goal is and you know how to reach it now we can discuss controls of the game. Navigation system in the game is pretty simple and comfortable; you can find control keys below:

Arrow keys – move in different directions
Space bar – shoot/fire
1 key – choose first weapon
2 key – choose second weapon
3 key – choose third weapon
4 key – this is last key which allows you to pick final fourth weapon

If you want to go back to main menu or check setting of the game you must use your mouse.

As always if you are interested in the game play or other details I have attached to the post YouTube video, other screenshots from the game should be useful as well, thank you and have a nice day.

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