Welcome to the arena, arena of boxheads where there can be only one champion. You must move in the game all the time, while you are moving around the map it will be harder for other bounty hunters to aim you.

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Your top priority is to deal with other bounty hunters, not zombies, vampires or other evil creatures. In the game you will notice that some players have more bounty scores than others, try to kill high scored players first as it will bring you to the top players section.

Boxhead Bounty HunterCollect gold and never stop moving
Collection of gold in the game is the best thing you can do as it will give you opportunity to get new weapons and other important stuff, try not to visit shop while playing otherwise you will be pretty easy target for other layers. In order to stay alive I recommend you to shoot while moving, it will seem hard at the beginning, however it is important to do so or otherwise you will be easy target.

Funny mode
Best part of the game is that that it allows you to play with other players online. Funny thing is that when you collect most points your location will be revealed to all other players and they will start to chase you. This is very entertaining game, it hardly ever gets boring.

You can use following keys in order to navigate in the game:

Arrow keys or W, A, S and D keys – Move

Space button – Shoot

Hold shift button – Strafe (I love this button it allows you to fire while moving)

Q and E keys – Change weapons

1, 2, 3, 4… keys – Directly choose your weapon

N key – Visit shop for powerful weapons, etc.

Press Esc – Menu

I think that’s all about Boxhead Bounty Hunter, this is pretty popular game, with online mode where you can play against real players. You can collect points and become number one player on the map; you can get money and visit shop to get new weapons with greater firing power. Like I said before, focus players with large bounty scores, buy new weapons in the shop and enjoy this funny game.

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