Army of evil zombies captured city, but evil undead won’t stop on it, they are willing to destroy your homeland – trailer park. This is awesome game, first of all I like music in the game, idea of the game is pretty good as well. You see I always like when game comes up with unique scene this way it is far more interesting. You control trailer park, different structures give you different abilities like provide more money (this is important: build as many junkyards as it is possible) for units, build more powerful units, etc. If you want to increase numbers of your units just build more trailers.

Zombie Trailer Park

Click on the image to start the game

While killing zombies you will notice that you gain some kind of power points. In the game it is called “yee-hah” points. This feature is key to succeed in the game, you must use this “yee-hah” power in the right moment, for example when there is no chance of winning with your ordinary ground units and army of zombies is just huge. In other words, use this ability as soon as you will see that there are many undead (massive attack of zombies). It will completely clean map from enemy units and you will have the chance to prepare your defense.

Farmers vs zombies
At the early stage of the game you are allowed only to fight with shovel men, they fight in close combat and their health/damage is pretty low. However, they can easily deal with ordinary zombies. As soon as you will collect enough money you will get opportunity to build different structures which will allow you to summon stronger units. These units can shoot gun from long distance, throw bombs, drive in cars which have machine gun attached to it or even turn zombies in friendly units (now imagine if you make big ogre zombie your own unit, it will give you pretty good benefits).

Enemy units
Zombies can come in many variations, for example huge massive ogre zombies (they have big damage and health), screaming woman (this enemy units can kill at least 4-5 shovel farmers before dying) and even jumping zombies. Random appear of zombies is pretty good feature, each attack wave seems to be unique and game won’t get boring.

Zombie Trailer Park consist of four stages, if you ask me first three stages are pretty easy to complete, however last level is hard as hell. I know some of you might be looking for guide in order to complete that horrible “stage four“, instead of writing I thought it would be far more interesting and useful if I show you video, just scroll down and hit play.

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