Another decent game from Crazy Monkey (Love this company), in this game you have to escape city full of zombies. In order to find exit follow arrow. Your number one goal is to kill all the zombies and survive, actually if you can avoid zombie attacks it will work fine as well. Controls of the game are simple, I will just list keys below and I will add screenshot as well.

[kml_flashembed movie=” Horde 3.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ /]

W A S D – use these keys for movement
Mouse – Aim enemy units and shoot
R – if you run out of ammo this key will reload your weapon
Space bar – this is special attack with your left arm, use this when zombies come too close
Q – Switch your secondary weapon (The one which you hold in your left hand)
E – Switch main weapon (Right hand)
Control key – If you will come across vehicle you can enter it using this key

Zombie Horde 3 Controls
If you want to check game play of the Zombie Horde 3 you can find it here below.

Well I think that’s all what you need to know about this interesting zombie game. Don’t forget shoot zombies, escape city and at all costs survive this horrible invasion of undead! Good luck.

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