Have you ever heard about government conspiracy? When I first came across with this game and read its description nothing else came in mind, but conspiracy theory. In this game scientists created weapon of mass destruction, they were hoping that this virus could reduce human population and this way save future of planet Earth.

Zombie BaseballBut they made huge mistake instead of 50% virus took 90% of human population. Virus mutated and turned rest of the people into zombies and only 1% survived death and mutation. This was horrible disaster for mankind…

Huge cities fell quickly. However, John and Sam survived virus outbreak in the middle of nowhere. Their only mission is to survive, nothing else matters.

They can defend themselves only with bat and many balls, they don’t have anything else. Situation is pretty difficult surrounded by undead from all directions, you should do your best to keep these two characters alive and win the game.

Controls of the game are pretty simple, only two keys required:

A” button – primary bat

S” button – secondary bat

Try to keep zombies on the far distance, if you let them too close it might finish badly for Sam and John and you will lose the game.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://lfzombiegames.com/games/Zombie%20Baseball.swf” height=”450″ width=”640″ /]

Zombie Baseball is pretty funny game; you have the chance to upgrade your “weapons” after finishing each of the levels. Get more powerful bats, upgrade your character and enjoy this hilarious game with us.

Check this video as well, this dude is playing very well.

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