Do you know those zombie movies where horrible virus spreads all around the globe and turns people into hungry for flesh undead? Yeah scary movies indeed, developers took this idea and they made flash game about it, infectonator world dominator.

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Now this game is completely different from other zombie games, you see your job here is not to fight evil; in fact you are the evil! Your job is to spread virus, you must turn as many people into the zombies as it is possible in order to win the game. Infectonator World DominatorYou have opportunity to create your own world of chaos, which will bring you new experiences.

In the game you can collect coins, all you have to do kill enemies and when they drop money hover over it and you will collect money for your future upgrades. Now these upgrades can give your zombies more health or attack power, you will need it as a human’s defense can be pretty tough. You may even buy grenades and other useful stuff.

Whole game your mission is to dominate the world, collect coins, buy upgrades and create your own world of chaos. You might find game boring at the beginning, but trust me you should give it chance. Controls of the game and other details can be found within the game, good luck.

If you have some question about this game or something else what you would like to share with us leave it the comments we would love to help you.

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