This game is one of those zombie games which can give you hours of satisfying joy and action, this game has attractive gameplay and visual part is done very well too. In this game you will have to drive your way thru hordes of undead and slaughter large number of enemy units.

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Action takes part in the middle of the desert; you must cross it at all cost as on the other side of the desert there is a helicopter, which is waiting for you. Earn to DieThis is not so easy to establish because you will have to face different obstacles like: climbing up to hills, hurtle off cliffs and driving thru large crates. If you also add to this zombie apocalypse you will understand how complicated this game really is and it may require some skills as well.

Different obstacles and enemy units can’t hurt you this is fact. However, they can slow you down and you will run out of the gas before even reaching to the finish line and this my friend is nothing more but game over.

upgrades in the gameAt the first stage of the Earn to Die you have very poor “inventory”, broken car and small amount of the money which will allow you to buy very little fuel. Don’t be afraid you will be able to earn more money by finishing runs, this way you will be able to buy more fuel and of course upgrade your car with different features. These features include: propeller boost, fuel tank, wheels, transmissions, engines and finally weapon.

These upgrades are essential for you if you want to succeed in the game, otherwise you will end up in the middle of the desert surrounded by zombies. If you earn enough money you can even buy a new car, but problem is you will have to purchase previously bought accessories again.

Controls of the game are pretty good and comfortable to use, I will list keys below:

Up arrow key – accelerate your car

Down arrow key – brake/stop

Left and right arrow keys – tilt

Ctrl button or X key – boost and shoot

I highly recommend you to save your money and once you have decent amount of $$ go and directly buy expensive upgrades. By the way, after finishing your run you have opportunity to visit garage or re run stage again, if you will choose second option you will lose your money so keep that moment in mind.

At first look Earn to Die may seem boring/slow, but after unlocking couple of features and receiving cool upgrades you will notice huge boost in the speed of your car, this will make your game a lot more entertaining. So give this game some chance and trust me you won’t regret it.

Oh I have almost forgotten after finishing main story of the game you will unlock different challenges like: free play mode and race your friend mode. These two modes are just epic I’m pretty sure you will find it very interesting.

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