This game is definitely for people who like action/shooting games. Whole game you will have to shoot your way through the hordes of zombies, you will have to defend yourself while being surrounded by undead from everywhere.

Features of the game
Game consists of many stages, while playing you will notice that different monsters can appear, such as: zombies of course (they will chase you as soon as you will get in their eye sight), vampire zombies (they are most dangerous, they can turn into bats and appear right next to you so be careful), were wolves and even mummies (they appear from ground). Each of the monsters can have different attack abilities; some may even run faster and have more health than ordinary zombies. But don’t be afraid, game allows you to get different upgrades for your weapons; you can even get new weapons, with insane shooting power. Don’t miss these features while playing you will really need it, these weapons and upgrades drop from zombies.

Different modes
Another great part of Boxhead Zombie Wars is that you can get different modes, my favorite one is defense mode. In this case you can build your own fort; it will help you to increase your chances of surviving. This mode is pretty interesting, try not to leave you base and protect it very well otherwise zombies will smash it in no time. Also build your turrets and barricades wisely!

Controls of the game

You can use following keys to navigate in the game, controls are very comfortable and easy to use:

With your arrow keys you can move in different directions, like up arrow key forward, right arrow key right direction, etc.

Use space bar for firing

If you have many weapons you can change it by using number keys

Press Z and X buttons in order to cycle thru weapons

If you want to pause the game simply click P button.

Upgrade your weapons
As you can see this game has many interesting features, upgrades, defense and action modes, new weapons, different monsters with unique attack abilities and many more. In my opinion weapon upgrading system is most interesting thing Boxhead Zombie Wars; I’m talking about combo points. At the early stage of the game everything is pretty simple and easy – for five combo kills you will get new shotgun. However, it will take up to 500 combo kills in order to get nuclear strike! You can count your combo points at the top corner of the game, if you kill zombies slowly your combo points will decrease so do your best to turn those evil monsters in dust as soon as possible.

As always thank you for reading my post if you have any questions feel free to ask below in comments section, good luck.


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