Online games are awesome; no one has doubt in it especially when it comes to zombie games. However, when you can play against zombies with your friends that’s something new don’t you think so? This is why I love this game; this game has three different modes: Single, coop and death match.

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Mode of the game
Okay let’s take a look on single mode, in this case you must defeat army of undead, you can collect points by killing zombies and this will bring you weapons/upgrades. In the game you will find different monsters, simple zombies which can only hit you (close combat) and devils, they can shoot you with fireballs (ranged attack). Boxhead 2All enemies are boxheads as well (funny characters if you ask me).

Coop mode is the best part of the game, you can join your friends and together defeat zombies, this way game never gets boring what can be more entertaining than playing with your friends right?

And finally death match, you know what kind of mode it is already so I won’t get into many details about this.

Try all three modes, find yourself which one suits you best and enjoy awesomeness of Boxhead 2.

I want to show you picture of shop where you can buy weapons, as you can see you have whole arsenal and each weapon has unique attack power/range/speed/etc.weapons

Controls of the game can be found below:
Single player mode

Arrow keys – move

Space bar – fire

Number keys (1-8) – change weapon

P button – pause

Coop mode:

Player 1 arrow keys || player 2 W,A,S,D buttons – Move

Player 1 / (slash) || player 2 space bar – fire

Player 1 < and > buttons || player 2 Q and E keys – change weapon

As always thank you for reading my post hope you liked it, don’t forget to invite your friends and play in coop mode, have fun and good luck 🙂

P.S. Check this video from youtube, you will find it interesting.

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